Отзывы участников и гостей – ЖКХ России – специализированная выставка и конференция
Feedback from participants and guests
Tatiana Gotsulenko
Concierge Newspaper

We are grateful to the Directorate of the Municipal Housing Complex of Russia Exhibition for this project. As before, Concierge Newspaper was the information partner of the exhibition and the organizer of two business events, namely the presentation of the ‘Major Overhaul Paid from the Dedicated Account’ Method Book, and the 15th Annual Conference ‘Issues with Homeowners Associations and Possible Solutions.’ The key matter addressed at the Conference was contracting the Nevsky Environmental Operator on the terms of payment depending on the amount and volume of waste bins. This question was extremely interesting to chairmen of Homeowners Associations and heads of managing companies. Another matter that the audience was as curious about was the method book of using the dedicated account to pay for major overhauls. It was compiled by the St. Petersburg Housing Committee in collaboration with the Apartment Housing Renovation Union and Concierge Newspaper. It was attended by so many people that all the copies printed for the exhibition were distributed. We want to thank ExpoForum for great teamwork and their excellent technical infrastructure.

Alexander Shchelkanov
VEDOMOSTI. St. Petersburg

As usually, Vedomosti. St. Petesburg, the Russian business newspaper provided information support for the Municipal Housing Complex of Russia International Exhibition. As part of the partnership, the Publishing House arranged a round table discussion ‘Smart Municipal Housing Complex: Digital Technologies and Their Practical Use.’ The event was attended by unindifferent people who care about development of this economy sector. On behalf of the business newspaper, we would like to express our gratitude to the organization committee of the Exhibition for their concerted efforts and top professionalism.

Tatiana Andrievskaya
Municipal Housing Complex MIX Company

As before, Municipal Housing Complex MIX Company provided information support of the Exhibition. Besides arrangement of the joint stand, the company held the All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference ‘Stability of the Municipal Housing Complex in the Time of Sanctions’ (on 27 April 2022, in the presentation area of Pavilion H), plus the workshop ‘Ultimax Gravity – Pavement Trends for House Yards and Public Areas: Zoning, Costs, and Maintenance.’ The municipal and housing sector has always been one of the top-priority sectors of the Russian economy, as it is not only about the citizens’ comfort, but about their safety, too. During the Exhibition, special focus was on the safety of facilities and companies in the shadow of the current events. What’s more, they discussed major overhaul in apartment housing in time of sanctions, technologies and materials used for building and major overhaul of apartment blocks, social and cultural objects, as well as crisis management in companies. We highly appreciated the technical infrastructure at the conference venues arranged during the Municipal Housing Complex of Russia Exhibition, the offline and online participation options, good advertising and informational support of the events, and the great job done by the Organization Committee of the Exhibition. We were attended by many visitors, which resulted in lots of valuable contacts.

Natalia Kovaleva
Executive Director
Broadway Region Service

The teamwork was really well-coordinated, the staff was eager to help, all of them understood what we needed instantly and dealt with every issue in a highly professional manner. We are happy that step by step the venue is getting more and more well thought-out, and the program – richer and more extensive. This event offers immense opportunities for direct matchmaking. We hope our partnership will be even more effective and dynamic in the future. We really can’t wait to see what the Municipal Housing Complex of Russia Exhibition will bring in 2023.

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