About the Exhibition – ЖКХ России – специализированная выставка и конференция
About the Exhibition
About the Exhibition

Municipal Housing Complex of Russia Exhibition is the largest industrial platform in the North-West region of Russia, where solutions are made for further development of the homonymous sector. This project has been implemented since 2004, powered and participated by the Government of St. Petersburg along with dedicated companies and associations.

Key exhibition sections

  • Builders and contractors
  • Municipal housing service entities
  • Cleaning, washing, disinfection
  • Design, survey, renovation, assembly, inspection, and setup of indoor engineering utilities
  • Electric power supply equipment and components
  • Heat power supply equipment and components
  • Gas supply equipment and components
  • Water supply equipment and components
  • Water drainage equipment and components
  • Roofing, finishing, and insulating materials
  • Noise absorbing, heat-, electro-, and water-insulating materials
  • Glass, glazed units, windows, doors, partitions, and floors
  • Elevator equipment
  • Devices and lamps for municipal housing complex
  • Professional and everyday building tools
  • Technical clothing
  • Video surveillance, monitoring, and access control devices and systems for apartment housing
  • Security and fire fighting systems for apartment housing
  • Automation programs for Homeowners Associations, Housing Associations, Local Housing Maintenance Offices, and Managing Companies
  • Internet systems for housing services fee calculation
  • Systems for remote collection of meter readings and dispatching control systems for the municipal housing complex
  • Complex software solutions for the municipal housing complex companies
  • Special training courses for Homeowners Associations and Housing Associations
  • Web-sites for the municipal housing complex
  • Heat generating and heat exchanging devices, heat insulating materials
  • Metering and control units for energy, water, and heat
  • Materials and technologies intended for maintenance of roads and local premises
  • Beautification and landscaping services
  • Garden and park complexes of St. Petersburg
  • Parking arrangements
  • Play- and sports grounds
  • Waste bin sites arrangement
  • Household and bulk waste collection and disposal
  • Lighting and other utilities
  • Hardscape elements, railings and fences, benches, trash bins
  • Public, portable, and chemical toilets
  • Cleaning vehicles
  • Sweeping and cleaning vehicles
  • Snow removing vehicles
  • Multifunctional public vehicles
  • Multicars
  • Dumptrucks
  • Fixed mounts
  • Machines and tools used for local beautification
  • Bank and investment services for the municipal and housing complex
  • Insurance in the municipal and housing complex
  • Consulting services in the municipal and housing complex
  • Leasing services for the municipal housing complex
Up-to-date approaches to digitalization of the sector (introduction of cutting-edge digital and engineering solutions into the city’s and housing infrastructure):

  • Urban environment innovations
  • Communication systems infrastructure
  • Smart eco-safety systems
  • Smart public transport
  • Smart municipal housing complex
  • Smart public safety systems
  • Municipal government

The objectives of the Smart City Project is to make Russian cities more competitive; to establish an efficient system for the urban complex management; to ensure safe and comfortable living for citizens. This project is based on 5 key guidelines, namely:
– focus on people;
– comfortable and safe environment;
– economic efficiency;
– technological effectiveness of the urban infrastructure;
– more efficient urban resources management.

  • Preservation and state protection of the housing stock facilities
  • Renovation of cultural heritage sites
  • Collection, cleaning, and distribution of water for domestic and industrial needs
  • Waste water collection and treatment
  • Water cleaning and treatment for process and domestic-drinking needs
  • Equipment, technologies, materials, and reagents for water cleaning and treatment systems
  • Automation of water treatment technological processes

Water cleaning and treatment services

  • water studies
  • water cleaning systems design
  • engineering
  • selection and supply of equipment
  • equipment assembly
  • service maintenance
  • Waste collection
  • Goods and products from recoverable resources/zero-waste technologies/waste reduction
  • Technologies and equipment for waste treatment/management/neutralization
  • Waste recycling
  • Waste storage and reloading
  • Landfilling