History of the project – История проекта АГРОРУСЬЖКХ России – специализированная выставка и конференция
History of the project
History of the project

In 2004, the Administrative Office of St. Petersburg and the Government of the Leningrad Region initiated arrangement of the 1st International Specialised Exhibition – ‘Municipal Housing Complex of Russia’ – in the premises of the Lenexpo Exhibition Centre, which was supported by the Federal Agency for Engineering and Municipal Housing Complex. The first event was participated by building companies, manufacturers and suppliers of building materials and equipment, as well as companies involved into supply and production of housing equipment and special machines – from Russia, Sweden, and Belarus. 120+ companies from St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and Khanty-Mansiysk participated the event in the pavilion and outdoor premises of Lenexpo. The Rostov Region (Russia) and Sweden presented collaborative stands. Moreover, the event was participated by official representatives from Germany, Sweden, and Belarus. In 4 days of the exhibition, it was attended by 10+ thousand people.

In 2005, the Municipal Housing Complex of Russia Exhibition event was participated by 154 companies from the regions of Russia and Poland, whereas in 2006 the exhibition organizers received entry applications from 42 regions of Russia, Finland, Germany, France, and the Baltic countries. Governors from 27 constituent territories of the Russian Federation attended the congress program at the event. As compared with the previous years, the exposition area was extended by 30%.

For many years, the Municipal Housing Complex of Russia Exhibition was taking place along with the Ecology of Big City Forum, which facilitated consolidation of efforts for more comprehensive development of cities and other populated places with due regard to the urban environment quality index.

In 2018, the event was held at the same venue with the Baltic Sea Day International Ecology Forum under the guidance of the countries that signed the Helcom Helsinki Convention.

In 2022, the Russian International Energy Forum, the St. Petersburg Technical Fair, and the HI-TECH International Innovation Exhibition took place along with the Municipal Housing Complex of Russia Exhibition event. ExpoForum became a place where all these innovative projects were arranged, which attracted much attention from experts and the business community.

New business development opportunities were provided to the business community in 2023 by the simultaneous holding of a complex of industrial events in Expoforum – Municipal Housing Complex of Russia International Exhibition was held simultaneously with the Russian International Energy Forum (RIEF), the Svarka/Welding International Exhibition, and the Corrosion Protection International Exhibition and Congress.

During the years of existence, the initial regional exhibition extended to become a federal initiative, which is annually attended by the key municipal housing economy experts. Today, the Municipal Housing Complex of Russia Exhibition is the only Russia-based congress and exhibition project intended for specialists of the relevant sector.